Iron Kingdoms - Mechanika n' Mayhem

DM's log 1/18/12

Beginning the game:

TheThan: DM
So the first, session was Friday 1/18/12

We ended up getting together a bit later than we wanted, and we had to create a character sheet for one of the players, and I forgot to print one for another player. So while they were doing that, some one of went out and brought back some dinner, fast food if you must know.

So eventually we got the details worked out and we were able to start. I ran a premade introductory adventure entitled “Fools Rush In”. This can be found off of the Privateer Press website as a free download. It details the basic rules of the game and provides you with some premade characters for the players to use.

Everyone decided to create their own rather than use the (badass) premade characters I made (they will be recycled as NPCs), or the premade ones that came with the adventure.
I went with this premade because I figured it would make for a good starting adventure, and its also VERY short, which is great when you know that there are going to be a ton of questions and general confusion. Normally when this happens you end up spending a lot of time looking things up in the rulebook. I anticipated this happening, because this is the first time I’ve run the Iron Kingdoms RPG system, and the first time my players have used it.

I had to make some slight changes to the premade as we went, as it assumes certain things that the players may not do, and that they have certain skills that the premade characters in the adventure have that custom characters don’t necessarily have. But that was something else I anticipated happening.

Despite having to stop a lot and figure things out, the session was a lot of fun, I think everyone involved had a lot of fun, I certainly did. I have a lot of work to do researching rules that I’m either unfamiliar with or are not quite clear, as well as preparing for the next session. But that goes with the territory and I’m confident that I’m up to the task.


MTrimble thethan

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