Dmitri Smirnoff

The Kadoran Gunmage


Dmitri Smirnoff
Male, human. Gunamage/soldier
Archetype: gifted, Languages: Khadoran, cyngarian
HP: 12 Defense: 13 Armor: 10, Initiative: 14

Weapon: runeshot pistol RAT6 POW 10 range 10
Weapon: sword MAT 5, POW 7,

|Phys 5|Spd 6| Str 4|
|Agil 4| Prw 4| Poi 5|
|Int 3| Arc 4| Per 4|
|Willpower 8| Command |

Benefits and Attributes
human bonus stat
will weaver- gains arcane stat
Gifted: additional study- extra spell from class
Craft rune shot- can make rune shot ammunition
Fast reload- extra action to reload
Find Cover- advance 12’ (2") and take cover at start of combat
Sentry- when enemy is placed or moved within line of sight, immediately make attack at that enemy

Hand Weapon = 5
Great Weapon = 4
Pistol =6
Rifle =6
Detection =5
Sneak =4
Command (social) =5
intimidate = 6
Medicine = 4

Gear and Possessions
Gold Crowns: 68
Travelers Kit
ammo bandoleer with ten shots
Magelock pistol
Rune shot casting kit
Armored greatcoat
hat, winter-fur

Rune shot: accuracy
Rune shot: brutal
Rune shot: thunderbolt
Rune shot: freezefire


Dmitri Smirnoff

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