Drake Shadewrath


Drake Shadow
Male, Human. Cutthroat/Spy

Archetype: Mighty , Languages: Molgur-trul, Khadoran, Cyngarian
HP: 12 Defense: 13 Armor: 10, Initiative: 15
Weapon: longsword: MAT 6, P+S 8
Weapon: throwing daggers: RNG 6", RAT 6, POW 9
Weapon: holdout pistol: RNG 4", RAT 5, POW8
Weapon: hand grenades (explosive and smoke): RNG 8:, RAT6, POW 12- 3" AOE

|Phys 5|Spd 6| Str 5|
|Agil 4| Prw 5| Poi 4|
|Int 3| Arc 0| Per 4|
|Willpower 8| Command 8|

Benefits and Attributes
Mighty- mighty characters roll an additional die on melee attack and damage rolls
feat: bounding leap- can spend a feat point to be placed 5” from current position.
Anatomical precision- deals 1d3 damage if you can’t beat enemy’s armor
backstab- gain additional die on backstrike damage rolls
Prowl- gain stealth when in terrain the provides concealment
Battle plan: shadow- everyone gains prowl
Cover identity
Language: Mulgur-trul

Hand Weapon = 6
Great Weapon =5
Pistol =5
Rifle =4
Detection =4
Sneak =6
Command (social) =5
thrown weapon= 6
Intimidate= 5
Crossbow= 5
Deception = 5
Disguise= 4

Gear and Possessions
Gold Crowns: 23
Travelers Kit
forged identity papers
Armored greatcoat
Throwing knives (5)
Hold out pistol
Magnifying glass
Tricorn hat (very fashionable)
Grenade explosive
Grenade, smoke (2)

Cyngarian spy network.


Drake Shadewrath

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