Drognun Mastbreaker


Droghun Mastbreaker
Male, Dwarf (rhulfolk).Pirate/military officer
Archetype: Intellectual, Languages: Rhulic, Kadoran
HP: 14 Defense: 12 Armor: 12, Initiative: 13
Weapon: Nirvana x2, (custom cutlass/pistol), RNG4, Rat 5, pow 8
Weapon: Nirvana x2, (custom cutlass/pistol), mat 6, P+S 9
|Phys 6|Spd 4| Str 5|
|Agil 4| Prw 5| Poi 3|
|Int 4| Arc —| Per 4|
|Willpower 10| Command 10|

Benefits and Attributes
Dwarf-load bearing- reduce the armor penalties to spd and def by 1
Dwarf-connection: dwarf clan-
Intellectual: +1 attack/damage rolls, applies bonuses to allies
Intellectual: Hyper perception-boosted perception rolls
Pirate: gang- +1 to attack/damage rolls when ally is also in melee range of enemy
Pirate: Steady- cannot be knocked down
Pirate- specialization (cutlass)-does not suffer attack roll penalties with specific weapon,
Officer: battle plan: call to arms- spend feat, allies in command range stands up or goes prone
Officer: natural leader- increases command range by 2”
Officer: team leader- may give gained feat points to other characters

Hand Weapon = 6
Great Weapon =5
Pistol =4
Rifle =3
Thrown: 6
Intimidation: 4
Detection =4
Sneak =4
Command (social) =
Sailing=6 or 5

Gear and Possessions
Gold Crowns: 14
Nirvana x2
Custom battle armor
Travelers kit


Drognun Mastbreaker

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