Gux Biggas

The Goblin alchemist


Gux Biggas
Male, gobber. Alchemist/thief
Archetype: intellectual, Languages: Khadoran, Gobberish
HP: 12 Defense: 13 Armor: 10, Initiative: 14

Weapon: dagger – mat 6, P+S 4
Weapon: grenade RAT 5, pow varies by grenade, 3“ aoe

|Phys 5|Spd 6| Str 3|
|Agil 4| Prw 4| Poi 3|
|Int 4| Arc -| Per 3|
|Willpower 8| Command 8|

Benefits and Attributes
Goblin Deft- boosted agility rolls
Goblin-+1 defense
Goblin-cannot use great weapons or rifles
Intellectual: “tactical genus”- gains +1 attack and damage rolls in combat. Grants +1 attack and damage rolls to allies
Battlefield coordination- while in command range, allies do not suffer fireing into melee penalty or ranged attacks and spells.
Grenadier-additional quick action to pull the pin on a grenade.
Poison resistance- boosted die rolls to resist poisons
Conniver- reroll failed bribery and deception skills
Dodger- when missed by enemy attack, move 2”

Hand Weapon = 5
Great Weapon = can’t use
Pistol =4
Rifle =can’t use
Detection =3
Thrown weapon=5
Sneak =5
Command (social) =3
intimidate = 3
Alchemy = 5
Medicine = 5
Bribery =4
Escape artist=5
Lock picking=6

Gear and Possessions
Gold Crowns: 17
Travelers Kit
alchemists’ leather
Gas mask
Traveling alchemist’s kit
Thieves tools
Grenadier’s bandoleer
Alchemical restorative
Alchemical bombs
—Rust bomb
—Acid bomb
—Cinder bomb x2
—Concussion x3
—Explosive x3


Gux Biggas

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