Helga Greatsmasher


Helga Greatsmasher
Female, Dwarf. Arcanist/aristocrat
Archetype: gifted , Languages: Rhulic, khadoran,
HP: 14 Defense: 10 Armor: 11, Initiative: 11
Weapon: sword cane: Mat 4, P+S 7
Weapon: hand cannon: RNG 12”, RAT 4, POW 12
|Phys 6|Spd 4| Str 5|
|Agil 3| Prw 4| Poi 4|
|Int 5| Arc 4| Per 3|
|Willpower 11| Command 10 |

Benefits and Attributes
Dwarf: load bearing- reduce speed and defense penalties by 1 each.
Gifted: Combat caster- gain extra spell on offensive spells, discard the lowest one
Great power-can upkeep one spell each turn for free
Good breeding- reroll failed etiquette rolls
Bonus language: cygnarian
Privilege – advantages due to station

Hand Weapon = 4
Great Weapon =4
Pistol =4
Rifle =4
Detection =3
Sneak =3
Command (social) =5

Gear and Possessions
Gold Crowns: 49 +50 gc/month
Travelers Kit
hand cannon
Ammo (10 rounds)
Sword cane
Leather armor

Arcane bolt
Aura of protection
Light in the darkness

Dwarven clan- greatsmasher


Helga Greatsmasher

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