Raelynn De Leon


Raelynn De Leon
Female, Human (Llaelese). Gunmage/Pistoleer
Archetype: Gifted , Languages: Khadoran, Cyngarian
HP: 13 Defense: 13 Armor: 10, Initiative: 13
Weapon: Magelock pistol: RNG 10”, RAT 6, POW 10
Weapon: repeating pistols x2: Rng 8’, rat 6, POW 10
|Phys 5|Spd 6| Str 4|
|Agil 5| Prw 4| Poi 5|
|Int 3| Arc 4| Per 3|
|Willpower 8| Command 8|
Benefits and Attributes
Will weaver- will weavers gain arcane stat,
Fast caster- can cast additional spell each turn
Craft: runshot- make runshot ammunition
Fast reload- extra quick action to reload
Fast draw- +2 on initiative roll, extra quick action to draw weapon in first round o combat
Return fire- this character can immediately make a free normal attack if missed by enemy ranged attack.

Hand Weapon = 4
Great Weapon =4
Pistol =6
Rifle =5
Detection =4
Sneak =6
Command (social) =3

Gear and Possessions
Gold Crowns: 50
Travelers Kit
magelock pistol
Repeating pistols x2
Runshot casting kit
Ammo bandoleer (10 runshots)
Ammo wheels x2( 10 shots each)
Armored great cloak

Runehot: accuracy
Runeshot: brutal
Runeshot: thunderbolt


Raelynn De Leon

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