Iron Kingdoms - Mechanika n' Mayhem

Koralex's Journal - 1/18/2013

Day 1

Today I met up with a group of other wanna-be mercs and, unlike the rest of the city, these ones actually understood the Khadoran I was speaking. I swear, a Trollkin can’t catch a break in a city; if its not my appearance scaring off those I might be able to talk to, its the damn language barrier preventing communication in the first place!

That said, these guys seem a little… off. Yeah I’m not the finest piece of regenerated troll flesh but we got ourselves an Iosan Warcaster; Stene Garwind, who has a vendetta fer humans. Then we have Drake Shadewrath a Human, yeah..a human, who seems to be pretty shady, but he and I have some history at least so he can’t be too bad. Though that might be why the Iosan doesn’t try to rip his lungs out, but I could be wrong. A Dwarven Pirate Captain by the name of Drognun Mastbreaker who seems to be without a ship and crew..Though I guess that’s where the rest of us come in. He seems like he knows what he is talkin’ about when barking out orders, that and they are simple enough to follow. And lastly there is Bazil, my laborjack, and myself Koralex McKinzie, and if ya didn’t figure that out yet yer either lame or learnin’ to read.

‘Course this group suits me just fine, it’s a nice mix of people and talent. And havin’ been around the elders, learning the old ways, I came to realize just how closed off our kind is to the outside world. Though having been screwed over by the humans more than once in our history I can see why the Kriels would prefer to distance themselves. And with this new age of mechanika, I fear that those of my people whom don’t at least try to accept it, will be destroyed by it.

So on to the day’s events! So it turns out, that in order to get legal work, we gotta get ourselves a Mercenary Charter. Damn cities and their regulations but I sure as hell don’t wanna get into trouble trying to make a few crowns. Hell it was hard enough bodgin’ Bazil into working order with the few crowns I had after he damn near drilled a hole through his Warcaster’s skull, though that woulda been quite a sight to see.

But I digress, this Lieutenant fella, by the name of Rorke, promised us a charter if we helped him out. One of those, “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kinda situations. Told us that we had to go procure this lock-box from an alchemy shop not too far from the docks and then deliver it to some brigands whom had his family held hostage. We of course agreed to the terms, after having Drake play translator between us since he was the only one that could understand the Cygnaran speaking officer. Also we were not to open the box or tell anyone about this transaction, as it might get his family killed or land him in a bad situation with his captain.

We travel to the shop, of which is closed down and guarded by two men. I tried to greet them in a friendly manner but they were havin’ none of that. Seems they were members of the Golden Crucible, or some such thing and no one was allowed entry. So we backed off some and Drake proposed that someone sneak in and steal the box. And with him bein’ the sneakiest one of us, he got to go. Though no sooner than he had gotten next to the building the damn thing exploded! Blew the place into splinters, throwing the two guards to the ground and Drake into the wall of the building next door. Some poor fella came staggering out on fire, then collapsed in a heap with a dagger wedged between his ribs.

We inspected what was left of the building, managed to figure out the explosion was due to some chemicals getting knocked down onto the floor creating an extremely volatile mixture, likely due to the poor man who was stabbed falling into them, as well as some footprints that lead straight to the docks down the street. The two guards seemed to have figured this out already and took off ahead of us. We gave chase and came across a floating heap of a boat, poor thing looked like it could barely sail a calm lake let alone a river or the ocean. But the footprints lead straight there but it was clear they didn’t want company as there was no easy way onto the ship.

Thankfully the jump from the dock to the boat was an easy one, I was a little worried ’bout the Dwarf but he flew over the gap like a seadog boarding a ship full of treasure. Once we were all across we took note that the two guards were captured and about ta be executed. We drew our weapons and charged right into the fray.

Drake was the first one in, taking out one of the enemy in his wake. I charged in next, though I landed a glancing blow and didn’t quite take my target down. Seems the enemy got too distracted with us to continue with takin’ out the guards and got blindsided by Stene and Drognun, who was barking out the order to attack. Kinda obvious but it works. No sooner than we dispatched a few of the men their big Ogrun of a boss came up to say hello. Dragging some old hag with him, that wench immediately begain chanting and drawing runes in the air. We all knew she was castin’ magick and soon found ourselves fighting the very enemies we struck down. I’m pretty sure we all had a large grin stuck to our faces, and if not I sure as hell did, for we got to smash those undead right back to the ground again. Drognun got beat pretty good by the Ogrun leader but he weathered the attacks pretty well for a dwarf and quickly struck the enemy down. The hag was pretty much a slab of meat now that her minions were taken out and she fell just as quick as she arrived.

We freed the two crucible guards, after I went below deck with Stene to check for any salvage and the lock-box. I found the box in the captain’s quarters but didn’t find anythng of real value. The engine seemed to be in working order though and maybe if we are lucky we may have ourselves a ship. Drake told me not to come topside with the box and I knew my time was limited, so I dug around and found myself a sea bag and some rope, dropped the box into the bag, tied it off and hung it out one of the portholes with a nice slip-knot. I pushed some crates in front of the hole to make spotting it a little less likely, then scooped up the few pistols and cutlasses I could find before going back up. The guards were already up and about, lookin’ for the box so we made haste to leave before ticking them off and when they disappeared below deck I nabbed the bag, stuffed the rope into it and slung it over my shoulder.

As soon a we left that dock we ran right into Lieutenant Rorke with a handful of his guards all cocked and ready to fire. He demanded the box and thanks to Drake’s silver tongue, or at least I presume it was that since the man quickly motioned for his men to go to the ship and let us on our way. Turns out this box had a Cryx warjack core inside, and it makes anyone ill who handles it..Which is likely from the unnatural deathly energies used in most all cryxian mechanika. Rorke did tell us to return upon the morrow to get our papers, but I have a feelin’ things ain’t gonna be that easy.



I think we are going to get along quite well.

- Stene

Koralex's Journal - 1/18/2013
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