Iron Kingdoms - Mechanika n' Mayhem

Koralex's Journal - 1/25/2013

Day 2

Once we got back to our current place of residence, and after a well deserved rest, we discussed what we might do with such a oddity while Drake and Stene went to see ’bout our charter. I was a bit worried that Stene wanted to keep the cortex for his own elvish purposes, but it was about that time the pair returned bringing us news that the cortex was indeed not found, all thanks to one handsome devil, and that the order guards we rescued were being held prisoner. Once Rorke was done talking with a goblin of whom was trying to get his men released, he drew us up our charter, on the premise we find and return the cortex to him since his men were already stretched thin. Of course Drake said we would do our best. It was a sure win seeing as how we already had the damn thing.

But it don’t end there, as they were commin’ back to tell us the news they ran into that goblin, and Stene decided he would make his own offer to the order involving the cortex. The damn fool goin’ and double dealin’ over the same item. Though I might have done the same thing considering the Lieutenant was a total douche-bag. But he had a plan, one that quite liked too, involving makin’ a fake cortex. Somethin’ like that is well within our ability to create, provided it didn’t have to actually work.

Then to top it off as those two were returning to Drake and myself with the news, they get jumped by a few stragglers of the pirates we killed the day before. Wish I was there to give ‘em a taste of what their boss got, but from what I heard they hardly put up a fight. Drognun charged in and took two of em out before they had a chance to blink, and Stene ran in behind taking one on the flank, then used some of his fancy warcaster magic on the other. They prolly didn’t even work up a sweat taking them out, ah well.

So a few crowns and a few hours of metal poundin’ later we had ourselves a decent duplicate cortex, one that even fooled Drake and Drognun, though to be honest they aren’t really the sharpest tools in the workshop, but not everyone was born to work mechanika.

We intended to give the fake one to Rorke, since he seemed the least likely to know exactly what he was lookin’ at. Though the problem with the fake was that it didn’t glow, and I was pretty sure he knew that little bit of info, so we put the fake core with the real one in the lockbox in hopes the necrotite would infuse some of its deathly energies into the blank runeplates. And wouldn’t ya know it, it actually worked! Well sort of, its glow wasn’t nearly as bright, but the damn thing did glow which was far more than I expected.

We just needed to put it into its own container, or more precisely put the original cortex into a new container. We were gonna give the fake core in the original box to the lieutenant, since he probably knew what the box looked like. Then give the real cortex in a new box to The Order of the Golden Crucible, of which Stene managed to get half the payment up front the day before to help “procure it from the black market”. So a couple more hours of hammering some more metal and BAM, we got ourselves a nice spiffy box to keep the necrotite at bay.

I opted to go with Drake, bringing Bazil along in case things got crazy. Also it never hurts to run yer ‘jack now and then to keep things in working order. When we arrived Rorke seemed pretty happy ’bout seeing the box, though I imagine he was more surprised at how fast we managed to find the thing. I had my fingers crossed that he didn’t really know mechanika too well cause no sooner than I put the box on the table he was reachin’ for the latch to open it. Course to keep appearances Drake and I both backed up a bit, he barely got the lid open before he slammed it back down. I swear my heart skipped a beat there thinkin’ “Shit, he’s smarter than we thought.” Boy was I wrong, seeing as he had a huge grin and seemed quite happy.

Drake did some talkin’ after that, and Rorke gave us a few crowns for our “trouble” obtaining the parcel. My comrade informed me of how he managed to get us paid for our efforts, though it wasn’t as much as he wanted and I made sure to get into a huff over how we got “screwed”. Ah the power of a language barrier.

While we were doin’ this Drognun and Stene delivered the real thing, of which went off without a hitch and not only did they make good on their payment, they also opened up their scrapyard to us. And I’m sure an outfit like the crucible has quite the collection of scrap for a mechanick such as myself. Once that was taken care of the two went to the port authority, and bought that old barge we cleared the rabble from. And to put the cherry on top of all that, they got Bazil a fancy new crane! Now thats some friends for ya, workin together like a well oiled machine. Hell now we cam scrap, bodge, and repair just bout anything that doesn’t require a workshop with the tools we now have.


MTrimble MTrimble

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