Iron Kingdoms - Mechanika n' Mayhem

Stene's Letters - 01/23/2013

My Love Lidah,

The nights here in Corvis have been mild, yet I feel chilled to the bone without your warm flesh next to mine.

I have met up with an unlikely band of mercenaries. It was more fate than anything. I sought out someone who had inroads in to the pirate community, to help me track those who took you from me. What I found was a scruffy dwarven pirate named Drognun Mastbreaker. I believe he will prove to be quite useful. The other members of his crew are Koralex McKinzie a trollkin mechanic and Drake Shadewrath a very shady human. I’m not overly found of the filthy human, but for your sake I keep my rage at bay.

I almost lost my composure on our first mission. I nearly killed a helpless human alchemist. Thankfully he died before I could finish the task. Every day without you is a struggle. We had been sent to fetch a box from him by a town guard. Unbeknownst to us we were not the only ones. A group of thugs had got there first and in the struggle with the alchemist, blew up the building. The alchemist ran out of the burning building.

My first instinct was that this was a trap set by the filthy human. I ran to slay him for his cowardice, but he was dead by the time I reached him. After I investigated the scene, I could see that it was in fact an accident, the alchemist was stabbed and had stumbled over his table, causing the explosion. You, as always, are right. I am too hasty in jumping to conclusions.

We followed the tracks of the mercenaries to the docs, where we found them on a run down barge. My crew dispatched the bunch with hardly a sweat. We were quite surprised with what we found on the boat. It was a Cryx cortex. I have yet to investigate it closely, but I believe it may be of sufficient quality to bring you back to me. The question is weather I can cleanse it of the fowl necrotite energies it is imbued with.

Your Love Forever,


MTrimble MTrimble

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