Iron Kingdoms - Mechanika n' Mayhem

Stene's Letters - 01/30/2013

My Love Lidah,

After inspecting the infernal Cryx cortex I decided it was not a suitable vessel for your memories. The dark energies entombed within it seemed to taint all that came in contact with it. Your temple should be made of something far more divine.

My companions and I were put in an uncomfortable position yesterday. A snake in the grass lieutenant named Rorke, who originally tried to use us to obtain the core, once again put us down the road to deliver it to him. This time he held our Mercenaries Wright as collateral. Unfortunately for him, I had the God’s favor. We already had the infernal device, and had no intentions of delivering it to him.

I came by chance to meet meet a ranking member of the Order of the Golden Crucible, at Rorke’s headquarters no less. The alchemist and his ken were also interested in retrieving the core. He, unlike the lieutenant, I believed would actually destroy the device.

My comrades and I concocted a faux core. In fact Koralex and I did quite the magnificent job. Though the runes were etched in Shyr, I doubt the imbecile Rorke could tell the difference from Cryx. It almost sprang to life when it came in to contact with the necrotite energies in that evil Cryx core. We delivered our ruse to the dolt the next day, and he was none the wiser.

We delivered the core to the Order who assured us it would be destroyed and paid us rather handsomely for our effort. They also provided us with an access to their scrap yards.
Not that they day wasn’t busy enough, we also acquired a ship. While it may not be much, I’m sure a crew with two very skilled mechanics can have it “ship shape” in no time. I’m sorry sweetie, I know you hate my puns.

Your Love Always,


MTrimble MTrimble

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