Koralex McKinzie

A young fellcaller that recognizes the advances of science and its place in the world.


Koralex McKinzie
Male, Trollkin. Fell Caller/Field Mechanic
Height: 6’8" Weight: 296 lbs
Feat Points = 3

Archetype: Skilled , Languages: Molgur-trul, Khadoran
HP: 12 Defense: 10 Armor: 12, Initiative: 13
Weapon: Great axe: MAT 6, P+S 11 +1 die on crits

|Phys 6|Spd 5| Str 5|
|Agil 3| Prw 5| Poi 3|
|Int 4| Arc 0| Per 3|
|Willpower 10| Command 8|

Benefits and Attributes

*Tough- roll 5-6 on d6 to heal 1 hp,
*Feat: revitalize: spend a feat to heal
*Virtuoso (great weapon)- roll an extra attack and damage die, drop the lowest
*Fell call: Signal call “now I got a good look at yah!”
*Fell call: sonic blast-
*’Jack Marshal
*Hit the deck


Hand Weapon = 5
Great Weapon =6
Pistol =3
Rifle =3
Detection =3
Sneak =3
Command (social=poise)=4
Fell Calling= 5
Lore (Trollkin)=5
Oratory =4
Craft (Metalworking)=5
Craft (Mechanikal Engineering)=5

Gear and Possessions

Gold Crowns: 15
Forester Light Labor Jack “Bazil Aka Mr. B”
Travelers Kit
Mechanics Toolkit
Great Axe
Custom Battle Armor


Koralex McKinzie

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