Stene Garwind

I wonder the lands in search of my lost Gods, and revenge


Character Sheet

Race: Iosan
Gender: Male
Archetype: Gifted
Careers: Warcaster, Arcane Mechanik
Faith: Seekers
Languages: Shyr, Khadoran
HP: 14
Defense: 11
Armor: 15
Initiative: 13


Sword: MAT=5, PnS=7


Phys 6, Spd 6, Str 4,
Agil 3, Prw 4, Poi 4
Int 5, Arc 3, Per 3
Willpower 11, Command 10

Benefits and Attributes


Hand Weapon = 5
Great Weapon = 4
Pistol = 5
Rifle = 5
Detection = 4
Sneak = 3
Command (social=poise) = 5
Mechanikal = 6
Shield = 4
Craft (gun smithing) = 6
Craft (metalworking) = 6

Gear and Possessions

gold 27gc
Travelers Kit
Rune Etching Kit
Rivet Gun
Mechanika Shield (Runeplate, Spell Ward, Capacitor, Armor Uplink)


Spell, Polarity Shield
Spell, Boundless Charge
Spell, Convection
Spell, Forcefield
Spell, Arctantrik Bolt


I can hear them calling to me in my sleep, her screams are thunder on the wind. I smell her flesh seared and scorched. Her words were like tears, “Forgive them, they no not what they do my love. Stay true to the cause. I will always be with you….” Great white orbs, dull, cold, dead. Then in the distance the flag, skull and crossbones. I will avenge you, my Lidah!


Your spell’s hold no power over me, space and time are my servants

Stene Garwind

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