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The Introduction

Welcome to a land of steam, iron, and magic. Come along with an unlikely crew of the Fat Neil (formerly known as the Sullen Wench); as they sail the dangerous waters of the Dragon’s Tongue river. In a land filled with blood thirsty pirates, undead necro-mechanical monstrosities, and demonic dragon tainted Leagion of Everblight what could possibly go right. I mean wrong, uh yea that’s what I mean…

Will captain Drognun Mastbreaker learn to control his mast breaking rage? Will Koralex McKinzie lead his tribe in to a new age of understanding and acceptance? Will Drake Shadewrath stop being such a shady coin loving gopher flogger? Will Stene Garwind resurrect his dead wife and repopulate the realms race with Iosan-Jack hybrid horrors? Probably not, but you’ll never know if you don’t follow along on the zany crew’s antics.

The Setting

Mechanika and Mayhem is set in the fictional universe of Iron Kingdoms. The main characters are based out of the city of Corvis in the kingdom Cygnar. Corvis sits on the intersection of two major rivers Dragon’s Tongue and The Black River.

The Crew

Our heroes are, save the human, immigrants from other lands and due not speak the “native” language Cygnarian. They instead speak Khadoran. This immigrant scene undertones the campaign and provides a narrative to play out a common theme seen today in our native California. We in fact see ourselves as the overly cliche “Mexican outside Home Depot” stereotype.

The Players

While many of the crazy antics may seem pre-scripted, we assure you, we really are this absurd. We meet on a weekly base and chronicle our adventure through the eyes of our characters. That said you can expect to get a different story and perspective from each writer. Please feel free to leave us comments, especially ego stocking fluff filled accolades.

Home Page

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