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The Trials and Tribulations of Koralex McKinzie

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We are members of a Mercenary Charter. Make sure to take this in to account.

House Rules / DM Rulings

All house rules and Dm rulings are subject to change and/or removal with approval of the majority of the people involved in the game.

Rules clarification:

Two weapon fighting:
A player that is wielding two weapons may attack with both weapons in the same round at no penalty. If that player has the two weapon fighting ability, he may make a third attack with his “off Hand” with a -2 penalty. IF that same player has the ambidexterity attribute from the skilled archetype, and the two weapon fighting ability, then his third attack will not suffer a penalty.

Social Skills:

Ideally, social skills are handled by whatever skill roll the Dm feels appropriate. For the purposes of simplicity all social rolls will be handled by the poise stat. Since poise falls easily under social graces (that politician speaks with great poise). Naturally there will be exceptions to this ruling depending on the situation.

Feat: Bounding Leap

This nifty ability allows a mighty player to be placed 5” anywhere within his current position. I’ve decided that because this ability costs a feat point, that players may use it to iniate a charge, should they place themselves b2b (or within weapons range if you have a reach weapon) and within the front arch of an enemy. Additionally, a player that starts hidden or concealed and uses this to place themselves b2b and in the back arch of an enemy will count as if they started their turn in that enemy’s back arch. This is done for purposes of back strikes and the backstab ability.

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